Friday, April 25, 2014

Free People Sale


I was checking my email the other day when I got a regular message from Free People. I normally just skim to see the beautiful clothes that I can only afford in my dreams, but this time there was a short film. So I watched, and envied the lives of those who travel the world, as I always do (this one takes place in India.) Then the page had a small item in the corner, edging me on to enter a wonderful giveaway that would fly me to Costa Rica for a beautiful week to settle my wanderlusting spirit. Then it happened. The submission page swallowed me up, and threw me out into the fantastic sea of Free People, where I try so hard not to fall into as my bank account screams for release. But alas, I see a glimmer of light in the distance...


I've had it in my mind for so long that if I want to purchase something from this gorgeous place, I have to dish out at least $100 for something good. But in fact, their sale section has a wonderful assortment of items. I so rarely check sale sections while online shopping because let's face it, there's hardly ever anything good in there, especially for a tiny petite person like myself. So with this in mind, I reluctantly checked, just to see what was there. I clicked the "under $30" tab because I don't want to tempt myself and cry over my monthly bank statement, and I was wonderfully surprised to see all of the beautiful things that were once too expensive for me, now one click away from a great buy in my price range. (I scored an awesome top, my first FP top actually, in my size for just about 65% off!)

So let this be a lesson for us all, nothing is ever too far out of reach if we have patience (for it to possibly go on sale,) and do not ever forget about the sale pages on your favorite shops website, it may just save your (bank accounts) life.


  1. I love free people and often have the same money screaming for help problem! I have learned to make some of my own clothes so that I can model what I see there but I also found the website and have found some awesome free people deals there! It's a bit of a search but I find the hunt challenging and rewarding! Happy shopping boho buddies!

  2. How cool Makenzy! I would love to learn how to make my own clothes, but I do make and sell my own jewelry. :)
    Thank you for the tip, I'll definitely have to check out that website!