Monday, April 28, 2014

Giveaway | Give Rocks, Get Gems

#GiveRocksGetGemsGet ready for a fun & awesome giveaway! Christina Mansour, from Cordelia Jane,  and I came up with a wonderfully creative way for everyone to spread happiness in the world (while competing for a beautiful one of a kind jewelry piece!)
Our idea is named, Give Rocks, Get Gems. Haven't you ever seen a photo on Instagram or Pinterest of a lovely, smooth, river stone with a beautiful painted design on top and thought, "Man! I wish I could just find one of those outside, that would totally make my day!" Well, that's the idea! Here's how to play.

The Rules:
  1. Find a pretty, flat stone (or stones if you're feeling crafty.) - The bigger the better!

  2. Doodle/Paint/Decorate it however you wish.

  3. Find a special place for a stranger to find it. (sidewalk, playground, classroom...) - Get creative!

Now, those are just the rules for leaving happiness for someone to find, here are the rules of eligibility to win the prize!


To be eligible to win you must:

You may submit as many photos as you like, but your Instagram profile must be on public for us to see your photo.

Photo submission ends on May 26th.CJ neckalce

Christina and I will narrow our favorites down to the top three. The three will be announced once they are chosen on May 27th. Their individual photos will be posted on @TheWanderfulSoul, and you all get to decide who wins! Whichever photo gets the most likes within 48 hours will win this beautiful one of a kind piece from Cordelia Jane!

We're looking for the most creative rock designs and places where you leave them, so think outside of the box! Good luck & have fun!

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