Monday, April 14, 2014

Tetrad Lunar Eclipse | April 15, 2014


Hi all, I thought I would let you know of a special lunar eclipse that is going to occur tomorrow! In case you didn't already know, on Tuesday, April 15, 2014, a total lunar eclipse will take place.  This eclipse will be the first of a tetrad eclipse, or a series of four lunar eclipses that are spaced about 6 months apart. These four eclipses should be visible to almost everyone living in the United States.

The eclipse on the 15th will be visible in North and South America as well as the Pacific Ocean region, including Australia and New Zealand. If you are in any of these areas, take a look at the times below to know when to look out for the eclipse. It will last about 78 minutes, so plan ahead so you are able to see it!

  • Penumbral Eclipse Begins:  04:53:37 UT

  • Partial Eclipse Begins:    05:58:19 UT

  • Total Eclipse Begins:      07:06:47 UT

  • Greatest Eclipse:          07:45:40 UT

  • Total Eclipse Ends:        08:24:35 UT

  • Partial Eclipse Ends:      09:33:04 UT

  • Penumbral Eclipse Ends:    10:37:37 UT

UT is 4 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone, 7 hours ahead of Pacific. Read more at iflscience.

What is a lunar eclipse?

For those of you who are uncertain as to what exactly a lunar eclipse is, a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes within Earth's shadow. The Earth's shadow darkens the moon slightly when it begins. Then, the shadow begins to cover part of the moon, turning it a dark red-brown color. Total lunar eclipses can be viewed with the naked eye, unlike solar eclipses.

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