Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boho Finds | My Birthday Wishlist


So tomorrow is finally my 21st birthday! I've been drooling over so many different items, I only hope that I at least get one! But, being that my taste has become increasingly expensive over the years, I'm not getting my hopes up too high, haha.
But who knows, it's a milestone birthday, so here's to hoping!

When creating this little collection of finds, I originally wanted to make it with just one outfit. But, I couldn't decide between which playsuit I love more (I think maybe the High Noon,) so I added both and some decor items I love as well! If I received all of these items I would wear them all together everyday until the end of time, (and carry the decor!) not caring about how I look because I know each individual item is so gorgeous in it's own way! And hey, maybe I'll start a trend with two playsuits at the same time, and huge decor accessories! You never know.

Desert Wanderer Playsuit in Sunset & High Noon by Spell Designs

Red Rock Leather Rancher Hat on Free People

Crystal Trinity Ring by The Uncommon Wren

Thunderbird Cuff by Bly Design

MZCAL Booties by Freebird By Steven

Mountain Wood Shelf by Stone and Violet

McQueen Lace Cow Skull by Child of Wild