Friday, July 11, 2014

For the Love of Art

We live in a creative world where artists are getting a little more attention than they were a few years back. People are beginning to appreciate the time and effort put into hand created items again. I love everything about this, but hope it's more than just a trend. It's important to keep the hype over the beauty that artisans create because it encourages so many more people to get out there and create. I would love to see a world filled with creative handmade businesses thriving, and I think we're getting there one step at a time.

I love doing just about anything creative with my hands, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces with you to hopefully encourage more of you to get into the creative life. When I first began drawing in middle school, I was so terrible at it, while my friends were pretty awesome, but I kept at it because I knew I would only get better. Thankfully I did because I love drawing and doodling, but I often forget to just take the time to do it to keep my practiced hand in shape. (I'm hoping to encourage myself again as well by writing this post.)

There are so many wonderful artists out there that I admire, and I hope to reach a level close to theirs one day. For now, I'll keep practicing. Some of my pieces are obviously better than others, but that's okay. I think I had more fun creating those anyway, and that's all that really matters.

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