Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to | Cut a Mango

Today, I thought I would share with you a little easy food "how-to" in anticipation of a yummy treat I will be posting a recipe for in the next few days! Take a look at the recipe here.

Now, if you're like me, you have no idea how to cut a mango and usually end up wasting most of the flesh attempting to do so. I've finally figured out the correct way to slice up a mango, maximizing the amount of fruit you get to eat! It's not hard at all either. Here's how!


What You Need
›› 1 ripe mango
›› vegetable pealers
›› sharp knife

How to

First, peel your mango with your vegetable peelers. A fairly simple task. Just make sure you're only peeling off the skin and not too much of the flesh.

Second, stand up the mango vertically and look down at it. Figure out which sides are the thicker sides, and begin cutting from the top down. I like to put my knife in the center and work my way around the seed.

After you cut both of the thicker side, it's time to do the thinner sides. Approach cutting the thinner sides the same way as you cut the thicker sides

And now you're done! Just chop up the slices to your liking and enjoy your delicious snack! ☺


Some plus sides to eating mango are that it lowers cholesterol, boots your immune system, clears the skin, improves digestion, and even prevents cancer!

I hope you enjoyed this little how-to, check back in a few days for a delightfully yummy recipe where you can apply your newly learned skill!

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