Friday, October 17, 2014

Live Healthy | Banana Mango Smoothie Recipe

Living a healthier life is something that I've put at the top of my agenda. (although I stray away at times) But I keep reminding myself that it's very important to take care of your body no matter what your age! Eating the wrong foods for an extended period of time can (and will) destruct
your body. It can even get to the point of illness development. So to help us all get on the path to healthier living, I've teamed up with a wonderfully inspiring woman, Gracie, who I met on Instagram. With her help, I'm happy to bring you a deliciously vegan smoothie to kick start this healthy journey!


What You Need
›› 2 ripe organic mangos
›› 3-4 frozen organic bananas
›› 1-2 cups coconut water
›› flaked coconut (optional)

How to
To begin, chop up your frozen bananas to smaller blendable pieces, peel & chop up your mangos, then add them both together to blend. (If you are unsure of how to cut up your mango, visit my little how-to here.) Add about 1 cup of coconut water, then begin blending. Keep blending until the ingredients become a liquid. Add more coconut water as needed to get the consistency desired. Once reached, pour it into a cup, add some flaked coconut on top (optional), and enjoy!


Notes from Gracie:
The ingredients above makes 1 large smoothie. This is an affordable, sweet & easy smoothie to start you off in all of your fruit ventures to come! (Also note that bananas are one of the few fruits that are in season almost year-round, so they are a perfect fruit to purchase in bulk and freeze for all of your upcoming smoothie creations.)

This is a very simple recipe and a perfect BASE smoothie. I always stress that smoothies taste better with minimal ingredients - as the flavors compliment each other (instead of becoming muggy and gritty if there are too many ingredients).

Coconut water is SO GOOD FOR YOU - that is why I use it in so many of my smoothies. It aids in weight loss + suppresses appetite, and boosts hydration like crazy. It is so much better for you than ANY sports drink - because it is packed with potassium and has minimal natural sugar. Finally, the most impressive fact about coconut water by far is the fact that it is compatible with human blood - in an emergency situation, coconut water could literally save your life.

❀ Riah & Gracie

Gracie is a Star Diamond Beach Body coach who is a plant-based vegan. She offers online lifestyle coaching to help keep your body beautiful balanced. Visit her website for more delicious vegan recipes, or follow her on Facebook/Instagram for regular updates on her coaching.


  1. In love with healthy smoothies. I am also a total health guru and transformed my diet to assist my severe cystic acne! Check out my site for more yummy recipes if you want!

    1. How inspiring! Sounds wonderful. :)