Thursday, March 19, 2015

SXSW Street Style Guide

I was inspired by the recent festivities of South by Southwest (SXSW) and the street style seen around Austin. I wanted to participate in the fashionable, yet concert appropriate attire and also provide you with some tips while your out here enjoying the good music. Here is a list of must-haves for choosing your outfit while you stroll the streets of the "Live Music Capital of the World" this spring break.
  1. Shoes that are comfortable, yet protective in crowds. Something that won't tire you out after an hour of walking.
  2. Preferably jeans to protect your legs in crowds & keep the suns harmful rays away while your out (especially if you aren't constantly applying sunscreen.)
  3. A tee/tank that's light enough to keep you cool in the Texas heat.
  4. A sweater/longsleeve just in case of rain or chilly weather.
  5. Shades to protect your eyes.
  6. Light accessories that won't overwhelm you/make you uncomfortable all day.

Thread Setters Tank
Modern Elm Necklace & Cuff
Barefoot Belle Ring
Abercrombie Flanel
American Eagle Boots


  1. I love that you put shoes at the top of the list. That's usually the very last thing my daughter thinks about, and she always ends up with her feet hurting after a long day!

    1. I think it's one of the most important parts of choosing your outfit! I always see people wearing heels, or flat, and I can't imagine how uncomfortable they are. You want to enjoy your day out listening to music, not be in pain all day!