Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Why Right Now is the Best Time to Travel to Canada

Canada is a wonderful country with such beautiful landscapes and scenery, it's hard to imagine anyone who would not want to travel there at least once in their lifetime. And for those who have always dreamed of experiencing the crystal blue lakes and snow-capped mountains can now bring those dreams a little closer to reality. Canada has "officially" entered recession, and although this may not sound too happy, for American travelers, it is. And I am going to explain why.

As a result of the Canadian economy hitting hard times, the CAD (Canadian Dollar) has reached a very low point. The lowest rate it has been in a little over a decade, at $0.75 to $1.00 USD (United States Dollar.) This essentially makes travel in Canada cheaper as the CAD exchange rate is so low (in comparison to the USD.) I was fortunate enough to travel to Canada at this time, before I even realized where the dollar was at, and I have to say, it did make a difference. When you look at it, prices may not seem low at all, but when you convert the rates, it is. Food, hotels, and entertainment are all much cheaper. This makes for prolonged travel in Canada as you can stay longer, do more, and experience more for less.

So if you were planning on taking a trip, Canada may be the place to go to get the bang out of your buck until the CAD rises again. Just make a budget, as always, and constantly convert your spending rates to make sure you stay well within your limit.

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