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Carry On Luggage Packing Travel Tips & Hacks

Carry On Luggage Packing Travel Tips & Hacks - The Wanderful Soul

Checking your luggage can sometimes be a pain, and usually unnecessary. I have found that traveling lightly and sticking to carry on removes the headache of baggage claim, and saves me money during my journey. Here are my 5 carry on luggage packing travel tips & hacks that I've
learned to help you pack efficiently and with ease to maximize your space.

Carry on Luggage Packing Travel Tips & Hacks

• Plan Ahead

This is of course a give-in while packing, but many people are not sure how to do so. First, check with your airline to see their maximum carry on baggage size. You can do this with a quick google search. Be mindful of others and make sure your bag is the same dimensions or smaller, so that you don't take up extra room on the plane where someone else could put their bag. Pack a few days ahead of your trip to make sure you have everything you need. Plan your outfits, so you know exactly what you're wearing.

• Roll Your Clothes & Maximize Space

If you are trying to maximize your space in your carry-on bag, make sure to roll all of your clothes rather than folding them and stacking them. To make even more room, pack them in a giant Ziplock bag like this and squeeze all of the air out. Also, make sure to bring articles of clothing that can be interchangeable with other outfits. A pair of shorts that pairs with 3 shirts, a pair of pants to wear with 4 different tops, and so on. Shoes take up the most space, so bringing minimum pairs is of course best, try a pair for each occasion. Hiking, casual, semi-casual...

• Make the Most Out of Your 2 Carry-On Luggage

Most airlines will allow you to bring 2 carry-on pieces, 1 suitcase or luggage (that meets their criteria,) and one personal bag. Instead of bringing a small purse or laptop bag, bring a backpack where you can pack more clothes (if need be.) Make it big enough to put your purse and electronics in, but small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. Most average backpacks will fit, even if you stuff them with personals.

• Bring Powdered Detergent

Sometimes, you may need more clothes than you were able to pack in your both of your carry on bags. I like to bring a small container of powdered detergent with me to wash clothes either in the sink or tub of my hotel room. It's a dramatically cheaper option than getting a hotel to wash for you which can range from $15 + per load. And don't worry, the airport security is smart enough to know the difference between detergent and drugs, or worse. Labeling your container with a piece of the detergent logo on the box may ease your mind of being stopped. If questions are asked, you can simply throw the detergent away.

• Throw What You Don't Need

Every one of us has that pair of socks or underwear that we've been meaning to throw away, but we just never do. Make sure to pack those articles for your trip, then throw them away before you head home. This frees up some space in your bag where you can store some souvenirs. Or remove items from your backpack to store in your carry on suitcase.

With these simple tips & hacks, you're sure to save some money during your journey, which you can later spend on making memories.
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