Thursday, July 14, 2016

Travel Thursday | Mediterranean Adventure

It's been exactly a week since we've arrived home from our 17-day Mediterranean adventure. Emotions (and I mean my emotions) are a little down since returning from our best journey yet. We traveled over 16,000 miles on land, in the air, and over the sea to visit 8 different countries
and so many different cities. This was definitely a vacation we will never forget, and I'm so happy we decided to take a chance and go for it.

Our trip began in Austin, Texas where we traveled for a total of 25 hours, on four different flights, to Barcelona, Spain. We endured little to no sleep (& comfort,) and even experienced the worst flight of our lives. But after all of the discomfort, we realized, it was totally worth it. My pockets and bank account are empty, but my heart is completely full. Well, not completely full actually. The experiences were so wonderful, but I definitely feel like pieces of my heart were left across the world. Coming home I felt more depressed than I have from any other trip. I think because during a road trip you're gradually leaving a place, but when you're flying, one minute you're there, and the next you're gone. It felt like I was just on the cruise ship in Venice, then I blinked and now I'm back home. It doesn't really feel like I was in another continent, taking a look back into time through the rich history of these cities. But, I crossed off a few bucket list destinations, and every time I close my eyes, I'm reliving those moments.

Some of the memorable places we saw / visited were:

Barcelona, Spain

- La Sagrada de Famila
- Camp Nou Stadium
- Picasso Museum


- Port city life in Toulon


- Piazza dei Miracoli
      + Leaning Tower of Pisa
      + Pisa Cathedral
      + Pisa Baptistry
- The Colosseum
- Arch of Constantine
- The location of the Ides of March
- Vatican City
      + Sistine Chapel
- Mt. Vesuvius
- Pompeii
- The beautiful city of Venice
      + San Simeon Piccolo Church


- The picturesque city of Mykonos
      + Church of Panagia Paraportiani
      + The windmills
- The Acropolis
- The Parthenon
- The temple of Zeus
- The first Olympic Stadium


- The gorgeous port city of Kotor
         + Castle of San Giovanni


- Dubrovnik Medieval "Old Town"
      + Filming sites of Game of Thrones Season 2

We were able to get just a "snapshot" of each place on our cruise with the next destination being just as beautiful as the last. I long to go back to explore these places even further. But, there's no doubt that each city has already left a hole in my heart (especially Mykonos, Kotor, and Venice!) A few tears were said during our goodbye to Europe, but I know it's not a farewell forever. I will be back, someday.

Here are some (there's quite a lot actually) of my favorite shots from our 17-day Mediterranean adventure...




  1. Beautiful photos. Glad your trip was so enjoyable.

    1. Thank you Kelly! It definitely was an amazing adventure.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I have actually visited Spain, France, and Italy, but you mentioned a lot more places that I didn't get to go. I will have to keep them in mind! I also missed my gondola ride! :( It looks like you had a lot of fun though! I haven't traveled out of the country since 2013, and I am so ready to get back out there!

    1. Hi Chasa, yes in Venice we didn't want to miss our chance at the iconic gondola ride! I'm sure you'll be back one day to have yours too and explore even more. :)
      ❀ Riah