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Why You Should Never Check Your Baggage

Why You Should Never Check Your Baggage - Wanderful Soul

If you're a travel hacker, you're trying to save as much cash as possible during your journey to maybe spend later on your destination. Paying to have your clothes sent to you is most likely the last thing you want to do. I'm going to tell you why you should never check your baggage
and give you some tips on how to pack more effectively so you can still bring enough with you through carry on. 

Why You Should Never Check Your Baggage

• Unecessary Cost

The cost to have your luggage stowed away on the aircraft varies from airline to airline, ranging from $30 and upwards. That may not seem like a lot to some, but from my experience, the cost is totally unnecessary. You're spending money on something that could be used for something else during the trip, something memorable. Not more clothes. And if you're a travel hacker, flying on multiple airlines, you're looking at possibly paying a baggage fee for each airline change.

• Long Waiting Time

If you're on a schedule, every moment counts. Waiting for baggage can take 20 minutes or more, and that's hoping you don't have to deal with lost luggage. Also, like I mentioned above, if you're flying on multiple airlines, you may not have much time to waste between layovers.

• Getting Lost / Stolen

With baggage check, there is always the risk of it getting lost or stolen. Yes, this chance is very slim, but the last time payed to check my baggage, it was lost. And even worse, it was never found. I was reimbursed a very small fraction of what it was worth, but did not receive that until a few months after my trip, so I had to buy new clothes while on my vacation. Spending even more money.

Of course there are times where you may have to check your luggage, but from my own past experiences, you can get around this while still bringing enough for your trip. Read my travel tips and hacks for packing your carry-on luggage here:

Carry On Luggage Packing Travel Tips & Hacks

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